Find Your Limits and Get Faster with ApexPro

Before making any big purchase, it always helps to look at product reviews to get the real story. There are lots of different products out there to help you track lap times and other data from your car, but the ApexPro unit is different because it measures where you are vs. your car's potential. If you're reading this and tilting your head like "huh?" you should check out Kanga Motorsports' blog of their experience trying it out with their Spec Racer Ford at Sonoma Raceway. 

After getting a little creative with how to mount it on the SRF, the team got to work testing limits and watching the indicator lights. The data provided by their ApexPro unit helped with identifying where they could push the car harder to get the best time possible. Read about their experience with it and see screenshots and photos of it in action at the link below-

Kanga Motorsports Blog- ApexPro: The Magic Light Box

And whenever you're ready to try one out yourself, you can check out their demos at select Tire Rack SCCA Time Trials National Tour stops, get a coupon for a free baseplate when you renew your membership, or better yet- you can be entered to win your very own ApexPro unit when you refer a friend to membership this week! For full details on the drawing, click here.

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